Best Time to Book Airline Tickets to Asia

Air traffic in Asia has been increasing dramatically and is expected to become the largest aviation market in the next few years w

ith China in the forefront. With increase in travelers, finding cheap tickets might become difficult. So, we will share some tips to help you plan your trip without breaking your bank.


Timing Is Everything

Experts always suggest to purchase airline tickets in advance to obtain a cheap fare. However, sometimes booking too early may not get you the best bargain. For international flights, airlines do not start discounting until 4-5 months before. Fares also dramatically increase two weeks before departure date. The best time to book is suggested to be 8-12 weeks ahead of departure.

A travel research says you can score more deals if you wait until the weekend to purchase your ticket. Airlines also release special offers and sales on Mondays, therefore searching your itinerary on Tuesday or Wednesday might score you a great cheap fare. If you are not in a rush, take your time and watch prices to find a great bargain.

Q: So, which day is actually the best day to book?

If you see a special offer on Monday, make plans to book your tickets by Wednesday afternoon the latest. If there are no deals for your destination during the early week, wait till the weekend to see if fares have changed.

Flexibility Is Key

Knowing when travel will be the busiest can help you save. During peak times, also called high season, there will be many travelers such as students living abroad planning to return home for breaks and holidays. Fares during high season can sometimes jump up to 3x the price of a fare for low season months like November. Generally, the summer months are considered high season. You can also count on prices being higher during the Lunar New Year period. So, if you are looking to travel around high season time and have found a good deal, it’s best to book as fast as possible before it gets sold out. Also, searching dates a week or two before high season and price hikes can help you save drastically.

Some departure and arrival days are more expensive than other days of the week. If you are not bound to certain dates, take a look at flights a few days before and / or after for potential savings.