At the same time a French grande école and a university, the Ecole normale supérieure provides in Paris, at the heart of the Quartier latin, excellent training through research, leading to various teaching and research professions, and contributes to train through research the senior executives of public administrations as well as of French and European companies. The ENS also defines and applies scientific and technological research policies, from a multidisciplinary and international perspective.

Located in the heart of Paris, the Ecole normale supérieure boasts all the key features for student campus life: living and study spaces, libraries, sports and cultural facilities, etc.

Intellectual freedom, multidisciplinarity in humanities and sciences, individual attention to students, bountiful campus life, gathering students and professors from all disciplines, form the heart of the specificities of the Ecole normale supérieure. Since more than 2 centuries, the ENS prepares its students to the most various openings and the highest responsibilities, while being fully invested in the intellectual, scientific and cultural debates of its time – in particular through the multiplicity of the normaliens’ engagement.




The École Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENS) was ranked 33rd in the world in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017. It’s particularly strong in mathematics, philosophy, history, modern languages, computer science and information systems, physics and astronomy, statistics and operational research, as indicated by its performance in the QS World University Rankings® by Subject.

Based in the French capital, the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENS) is situated in the Quartier Latin, a Parisian neighborhood known for its lively student atmosphere, bars and bistros. The ENS is primarily a research university, home to 800 research staff and 600 PhD students. Over 80% of ENS students move into a PhD program.

At undergraduate level, the French university l’École Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENS) offers two routes, either a bachelor of art in literature or a bachelor of sciences.

International students currently enrolled at an institution abroad are recruited through highly selective oral and written exams. Every year, the ENS offers 20 international students scholarships and accommodation for a period of three years.

The École Normale Supérieure de Paris (ENS) offers a variety of different master’s degrees and PhDs, including Sociology and statistics,Geopolitics,and Neuroscience.









在法国,高等师范学院的历史几乎与法兰西共和国同龄,距今已有200多年的历史。早在法国大革命时期,在法兰西共和国成立后的两年,共和3年雾月9日,即1794年11月30日,根据当时国民公会议员拉卡那尔(Lakanal)的提议,法国第一家师范学校创立,并成为男子高等师范大学(ENSde qarqons)的前身,学校成立之初确定的宗旨是让学生在教师的帮助下,学会”教学的艺术”。这一创举掀开了高等师范大学在法国历史上的首页,使”高等师范大学”(ENS)这一新名词逐渐为广大法国人所了解、接受。到了1847年,男子高等师范大学正式成立并且选址于巴黎邬尔姆路(rued`Ulm),也就是巴黎高等师范大学今天的校园所在地。



The Ecole normale supérieure aims at varying its students’ profiles and incorporates students to be enrolled in the 3rd year of bachelor (licence 3) or 1st year of master (master 1), coming from all over the world and from all disciplines. The competitive examination of the International selection is intended to young graduates in Arts & Humanities as well as Sciences, who justify at least of one year undergraduate studies in a foreign university and distinguish themselves with outstanding results.

Intellectual freedom and individual tutoring

The ENS enhances students’ autonomy with individual tutoring: all students draw up their individual study programme while being advised and guided by a tutor (agrégé répétiteur, teacher-researcher or researcher), so that they can make their choice among a large training offer.


The ENS gives priority to fundamental knowledge and combines in-depth study in a discipline with familiarity in many other disciplines. The richness, diversity and organisation of the training fields, gathered in 15 departments for training and research in Sciences and Humanities, allow students to explore the boundaries of their disciplines and to develop intellectual approaches with a strong interdisciplinarity.

Training through research

Through the scientific activity of the ENS and its research teams, training provided in this institution truly consists in training through research, regardless of the career paths students will choose afterwards. Teaching, introductory courses or research seminars are handled by several teacher-researchers who present and include students in their achievements.

Openness on the world

ENS students are destined to become international students, able to work worldwide. They are very soon initiated to the diversity of academic systems and foreign languages, and stay for 1 or 2 semesters in partner universities or undertake research internships in foreign laboratories.












Training at the ENS is organised within 15 departments for training and research (all students belong to one department), and is completed by interdisciplinary training centres for languages and environment.

The École normale supérieure is a member of Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University. This institution has been founded by 25 prestigious institutions established in Paris which have gathered together. All these institutions have in common to train their students through research and are all willing to create disciplinary convergences, make innovation and creativity more dynamic, attract and train the best students and make of research a real growth driver.

All member institutions have a strong identity, a limited number of students and a strong commitment towards research: these are the right conditions for an academic culture of excellence. They have decided to gather in order to join their forces and build research projects of international reach and high-ranking interdisciplinary trainings. PSL has a global academic training offer, from undergraduate programmes to doctoral programmes, in all disciplinary fields, from life and matter sciences to humanities and social sciences, from art creation to economics and management.



巴黎高等师范学院是Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University的一个成员。该联盟由巴黎25所著名院校联合成立。这些院校有一个共同点,那就是通过研究对学生进行教育,愿意创造学科汇合,激活创造和创新,吸引和培养最优秀的学生,使研究成为真正的增长驱动力。